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For archiving MTGS Mafia statistics, quotes, and whatnot. Two rules: Keep everything Safe For Work, and Don't be idiots.
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 Plowshares (Formerly dropkickdude) Extendo

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PostSubject: Plowshares (Formerly dropkickdude) Extendo   Plowshares (Formerly dropkickdude) Extendo EmptyWed Jan 14, 2015 7:04 am

Wins: 5/0/0
Snow Valley (Town Vanilla) Survived
Smilies (Town Vanilla) *Perfect* Town Win
WoW: Secrets of Grim Batol (Town Vanilla) Survived
Deathspeaker (Town Deathvoter) Lynched Day 1
Animal (Town Pacifist) Killed Night 4

Losses: 5/0/5
American Pie (Mafia Goon) Day 1 replacement, lynched to end the game
Heroes (Mafia Doctor) Lynched to end the game
South Park (Town Chocolate) NK'd?
Powerful Wizard (Town Vanilla) Lynched to end the game
Doha (Town Sole Vanilla) Vig'd Night 2
Conflux (Mafia Unblockable Killer) Lynched Day 3
Minecraft (Town Vanilla) Lynched in LyLo for being lurktastic
How to Train Your Dragon (Mafia Goon) Lynched Day 2
xkcd (Mafia Goon) Daykilled Day 1
Avant-Garde (Town Macho Doc #2) Killed Night 4


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Plowshares (Formerly dropkickdude) Extendo
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