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For archiving MTGS Mafia statistics, quotes, and whatnot. Two rules: Keep everything Safe For Work, and Don't be idiots.
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Funny Ones

Mafia Ones

Kpaca wrote:

Ace- if he's not scum I'll eat my shoe.
Ace was the Doc

JodoYodo wrote:

Samoht wrote:
Kill: (SorontheBeast)
There. That solves that problem.
My facepalm has traveled so fast that it has spattered my brain matter onto the wall behind me.

Wrath of Dog wrote:
-Cropcircles has a PR or a constant erection. Possibly both.

Arimnes wrote:

Callaway - Hoggmeiser, Greedy Demon (Townie) - Ate himself to death on Day 1
Ace - Mid-Boss, Comic Relief "Rival" (Town Cop) - Arrowed most grievously on Night 1
KeyofDestiny - Prinny, Netherworld Servant (Townie) - A'sploded on Day 2
Emo_Pinata - Lamington, Seraph of Celestia (Townie) - Stabbed to death on Night 2

The Mafia send hidden messages via delicious foodstuffs

Telling the Truth is good in mafia because:
Bilbroxian wrote:
It will a) keep you from being lynched by people who believe in "Lynch all Liars", just like not lurking protects you from "Lynch all Lurkers", and not being Loran protects you from "Lynch all Lorans".

CropCircles wrote:


Azrael wrote:
Official Vote Count

12 Rafaelk- Rider, Rider, Rider, Rider, Rider, Rider, Rider, Rider, Rider, Rider, Rider Rider.
1 Ash LV-426- Axelrod
1 Axelrod-UI
1 Clem Da Squiggoth- Dagger
1 Cyan- DYH
1 Kindergarten Class-Descoures
1 Seppel-Clem Da Squiggoth
1 Seer- Pale Mage

12 to lynch.

It is now twilight, stand by for lynch scene.

Cantripmancer wrote:
Read a Toastboy post, then reread it, then read it a third time and tell me if it's not like saying "fork" fifty times

Quote :
kpaca;/comments/10619805 wrote:
I think personally if Seppel were lying about something it would be personal to reveal that information.

Pertinent, not personal.

Sometimes I wonder if my hands and brain are connected at all.

Quote :

You are also not me. Drunk pisting is also my thing.

Leave my things alone. :mad:

Quote :

jerubbal was shot with a cannon hence why he hasn't posted.

Quote :
Let the kittens die.

Quote :

Task: Give Cyan a hug.
Time Limit: 10 seconds. Anything longer than that is creepy.
Conditions: Above the waist only.
Reward: Cyan's love.

Pale Mage wrote:
BMAN! :Mad:

Are we a cult? Am I in a ☺☺☺☺ing cult?? Because if I'm part of a ☺☺☺☺ing cult I would have liked to have known that before I STARTED POSTING IN THE GAME THREAD RAWR.

It would explain some things. The identical clothes. Why my family doesn't understand me or my friends, and why I refuse to speak with them, even when they show up unannounced to the compound. The long meetings where that one guy drones on and on for hours. The loudspeakers at the farm where he continues to drone on and on for hours. My empty bank account. Those things.

Quote :
yea alas yon thy huaanbbhlhglhguhgrrrr

Vote Talore

Quote :
Mafia forum sobriety test : Is this okay in a basic game?

Quote :
Im ****ingbdrunk. And have bgeen foe hrsnill deal in thuwmorn

Quote :
I remember the days when I thought everyone was scum.  I don't know why I'm suddenly having the opposite problem.

Quote :
Heh. I love these games, but writing rhymes in
Iambic Pentameter is harder.
Trust me. This bragging should go no farther,
Now. But notice my chiasmus, I win.

[/literature student]

Not Mafia Ones

ThereThere wrote:

Dear Blinking Spirit,

You are a pretentious douchebag. I hate you in real life. I want to poop on your head. That is all.

I can post this stuff here right?

No, in fact you can't.

wamyc wrote:

Dredge isn't a deck, it's public masturbation with graveyard triggers.

OKnotOK wrote:

that's ok, i did get to kill someone with hidetsugu's second rite later - quote from that game
me: "i'll demonfire you for 1"
them: "something's not right here....."

Kijin wrote:
Affinity is like a terrible herpes outbreak in that it will never go away and always shows up at the worst possible time.

Quote :

Edit:  I see creampuffeater viewing this thread.  I bet he doesn't post in it.  Just like a mafia game!

Quote :
currently avoid minecraft for the same reason i avoid WoW and cocaine

Quote :
Let's just get Rich Hagon on R&D, then all cards with keywords would have handy little notes beside them.

Strong Creature :symg::symg:
Trample (Trample is really good.)

Tricky Creature :symu:
Flash (Your opponents will never suspect this!)

Quote :

The other deck that uses LED is Doomsday, a wicked awesome deck that (so the legend goes) can play through any hate in the game... At the low, low price of the pilot's sanity.
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