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For archiving MTGS Mafia statistics, quotes, and whatnot. Two rules: Keep everything Safe For Work, and Don't be idiots.
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"This is Spamta"

Meeehh. elephant
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This is madness.

5.3.23 Madness
Madness is a keyword which represents two abilities. The first is a static ability that functions while the card with madness is in a player’s hand. The second is a triggered ability that functions when the first ability is applied . “Madness cost x” means “If a player would discard this card, that player discards it, but may remove it from the game instead of putting it into his or her graveyard” and “When this card is removed from the game this way, its owner may play it by paying its madness cost rather than paying its mana cost. If that player doesn’t, he or she puts this card into his or her graveyard. ”Playing a spell using its madness ability follows the rules for paying alternative costs in section 4.10.
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