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 Ecophagy's Mafia stats

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Ecophagy's Mafia stats Empty
PostSubject: Ecophagy's Mafia stats   Ecophagy's Mafia stats EmptyTue Mar 02, 2010 12:31 pm

Mafia Stats
Total:  31/20/9/2
Town: 19/13/5/1
Mafia: 9/5/3/1
Other: 3/2/1/0

Completed: (In order of completion)
Newbie #22 (Refrigerator) - Town cop; win
Newbie #23 (Anita Blake) - Town backup doc/(cop); win - Town MVP
Newbie #26 (Halo) -Neutral Survivor; win
Star Trek - Town Doc & race cop; win
Newbie #24 (Orchestra) - Town Doc; loss
Amistarian - Town Watcher; loss
Newbie #29 (Chess) - Town Vanilla; win - Town MVP
Unreal City - Town (nerfed) Doc; loss
Persona Mafia - Town Doctor; win
MTGSalvation Forum Mafia (Basic #6) - Mafia Roleblocker; Win
Brittania Rebellion - Legions Mafia - Town Quartermaster; Game abandoned
Hell's Kitchen Mafia (Basic #8 ) - Vanilla Town; Loss
Inter-Dimensional Fleet Mafia - Mafia Bulletproof; Win
Superhero Mafia - Mafia Gunman; Game Cancelled
Farenheit 451 Mafia - Intellectual Rebirth, Academic Leader; Win
The Asphodal Meadows Town Blogger; Win
Heroes Mafia Town 1-shot Vigilante; Win
Team Fortress 2 - Mafia Medik; Loss
Conflux Mafia - Mafia Forgemaster; Loss - Mafia MVP
Scott Pilgrim v the Mafia (Basic #38) - Mafia Roleblocker; Win
Ged's Normal - Town Brother Bodyguard; Win
Cyan's Impossible Mafia, Universe B - Mafia ANYTHING; Win
[The Family] Mafia Returns! - Town One-Shot Redirector; Win
Ataghan Mafia - Town Mad Scientist/Behemoth; Win
Mind Screw Salvation - Neutral  Outsider Double Header; Loss
ZeDorkSlipeur's Normal — Murders in Townville - Town Drug Dealer (Roleblocker); Win
Bare Bones Mafia (Basic #89) - Town Vanilla; Win
TF2 Mafia (Micro) - Town Utility; Loss
2016 Invitational: Hearthstone Mafia - Mafia Goon; Loss
Secret Neighbours Mafia (Micro) - Town Jailer; Win
Secret Agent Mafia Mafia Quartermaster; Win

In Progress:

Balloon Debate Mafia (Basic #2) - Mafia Win
Left 4 Dead Mafia (Basic #14) - Mafia Win
Clan Contest VI Mafia (co-created with Emo Pinata) - Town Win
Cyberspace Mafia - Town Win (Realspace, Cyberspace)
Apocalypse Mafia - Town Win
Low Fantasy Mafia - Mafia Win

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Ecophagy's Mafia stats
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