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For archiving MTGS Mafia statistics, quotes, and whatnot. Two rules: Keep everything Safe For Work, and Don't be idiots.
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 lrd's Mafia stats

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lrd's Mafia stats Empty
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Completed Games
Basic #6, MTGS Mafia - Mafia Roleblocker, Win. Endgamed.
Basic #9 - Romeo and Juliet Mafia - Vanilla Town, Win. Endgamed.
Basic #11 - Pirate Ninja Mafia - Mafia Leader, Loss. Lynched D4. MVP.
Interdimensional Fleet Mafia - Vanilla Town, Loss. Endgamed.
Basic #13 - Afterlife Mafia - Vanilla Town. Flawless Win. Endgamed.
LOTR II Mafia - Heroic Sneak. Win. Lynched D1
Basic #17 - Demonata Mafia. Demon Master Win. MVP. Endgamed.
Manipulator Mafia. NKed N4. Town Vig Win
Basic #20 - Tales of Vesparia mafia. Town JOAT Win MVP
Basic #19 - Snow Valley Mafia. NKed N1. Vanilla Town Win
Canada Mafia. Town Doc Lynched D2. Win
Basic #22 - Shrek Mafia Mafia Roleblocker Lynched D3. Win. MVP
South Park Mafia Town Investigative Role Lynched sometime. Lose
Red Dwarf Mafia Town Roleblocker. Endgamed. Win

Replacement Games

Basic #12 - Vanilla Town, Win. NKed N2.
Basic #14 - Left4Dead Mafia - Bulletproof town Loss. Lynched D2.
Basic #21 - American Pie Mafia Town Watcher Endgamed. Win

Ongoing games which I've died in

Currently in

Red Dwarf Mafia
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lrd's Mafia stats
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